The South African Perioperative Research Group is committed to promoting, supporting and coordinating research in perioperative medicine in South Africa. We believe collaborative research is needed to address the clinical challenges encountered in perioperative medicine. We believe there is urgent public health issues in perioperative medicine that need to be addressed, as this will make a significant impact on the health of local and international populations. We plan to foster and support South African researchers, and to conduct perioperative research of the highest standard.

The South African Perioperative Research Group (SAPORG) is a national platform where researchers can engage with each other and contribute to perioperative research throughout Southern Africa. The group includes researchers from all aspects of Perioperative Medicine including anaesthesia, surgery and allied disciplines. SAPORG aims to meet the need for well-conducted, high quality research in developing countries.


Membership is free and open to individuals with an interest in preoperative research in South Africa.


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The African Perioperative Research Group (APORG) is intended to become a world-leading network capable of developing, supporting and co-ordinating the efficient delivery of large-scale clinical studies and trials in the Africa with the aim of improving the health outcomes of patients receiving perioperative care. This network will achieve this by creating a community of researchers in hospitals across African countries, and by developing the skills and experience of these investigators to ensure they are ready, willing and able to recruit patients into clinical studies and trials adopted or initiated by the Group.

The African Perioperative Research Group (APORG) was launched on 17th November 2018 at the South African Perioperative Research Group Annual Meeting to promote important perioperative clinical research across Africa considered likely to positively impact on patient outcomes.


Membership is regulated and subject to eligibility criteria.

Eligibility criteria

Applicants for African Perioperative Research Group (APORG) membership will be asked to demonstrate any engagement in ‘developing, supporting and coordinating the efficient delivery of large-scale clinical studies or trials in Africa’. Those without previous relevant experience will be able to access online APORG training material.

Maintenance of membership

To maintain membership in the African Perioperative Research Group (APORG), members must:

  1. Possess a valid Good Clinical Practice (GCP) certificate. If the member’s GCP certificate expires during their term of membership, a new valid certificate must be obtained. Failure to maintain GCP will invalidate any membership awarded.
  2. Submit a short summary of research activity every 2 years to coincide with membership renewal.
  3. Be able to provide evidence of an ongoing commitment to research activity through participation in at least one African Perioperative Research Group (APORG) clinical study or trial within a 2-year period.

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