The South African Perioperative Research Group (SAPORG) is a national platform where researchers can engage with each other and contribute to perioperative research throughout Southern Africa. The group includes researchers from all aspects of Perioperative Medicine including anaesthesia, surgery and allied disciplines. SAPORG aims to meet the need for well-conducted, high quality research in developing countries.


The South African Perioperative Research Group is committed to promoting, supporting and coordinating research in perioperative medicine in South Africa. We believe collaborative research is needed to address the clinical challenges encountered in perioperative medicine. We believe there is urgent public health issues in perioperative medicine that need to be addressed, as this will make a significant impact on the health of local and international populations. We plan to foster and support South African researchers, and to conduct perioperative research of the highest standard.

Aims and Objectives

  • Strive towards becoming a world leader in perioperative medicine research.
  • To conduct relevant research in perioperative medicine with a particular focus on South African patients.
  • To develop a Southern African research network.
  • To identify national priorities for perioperative research.
  • To create an environment that enables and provides opportunities for researchers, from international collaborators to students and registrars conducting perioperative medicine research.
  • To ensure excellence in teaching and research in perioperative medicine.
  • To ensure effective governance through representation, accountability and transparency.